Bank BTN gained 11K new TikTok followers in Ramadan

PT Bank Tabungan Negara, one of the longest-established banks in Indonesia, stepped out of the box and turned to TikTok to build brand awareness and reach new customers in Ramadan, proving that even the so-called conservative bank can be on trend.


Increased in Followers from Ramadan Period


Uplift in Brand Familiarity at 95% c.i.


Increase in Webform Submission post Ramadan Campaign

Bank BTN's Ramadan TikTok strategy

People turn to TikTok for financial education. During Ramadan, TikTok users showed higher enthusiasm to spend in the Financial category, where 43% of TikTok users enjoyed the content on finance trends, finance education to financial tips.

PT Bank Tabungan Negara, often known as Bank BTN, is an Indonesia-based financial institution founded in 1897 and steeped in tradition. When Bank BTN needed to reach a new, younger audience to build awareness and engagement for its brand, it adapted to the nature of TikTok by harnessing native video format to convey its brand's purpose.

Below, we share Bank BTN’s success stories and find out first-hand how Bank BTN can make their campaign stellar success in TikTok.

Tip #1: Choosing relatable topic to build relevance

To tap into the Ramadan moment, Bank BTN launched a "Berkah Ramadan BETE End" campaign and was riding on the "ngabuburit" as prime time to connect with their targeted audiences. The title "BETE End" was a pun intended and also literally meant to "end frustration" (note: BETE is Indonesian slang for frustration).

The campaign was outlined in a series of six narratives portraying the financial frustration faced by today's Millennial generation, from buying a house to saving up via merchant discounts to setting up a business. In the web series, Bank BTN builds relevance by providing solutions to the common issues and highlighting unique selling points of relevant products to the target market.

Bank BTN is on a mission to drive economic growth to uplift financial literacy among Millennials and Gen-Z in Indonesia. Growing followers was Bank BTN's top priority on TikTok. Within a month, they grew their followers to 11K (and counting). The brand succeeded in achieving 90% of the one-year KPI.

Tip #2: Creative storytelling through creators collaboration

In making these six narratives, Bank BTN collaborated with TikTok creators and several KOLs to generate buzz and full-funnel awareness for the brand. It is one of the strategies to roll out the message in a way that would stick and resonate with today's Millennial lifestyle.

Bank BTN worked with 6 trending creators and gave them the freedom to use their authentic style. TikTok creators helped Bank BTN to build creative storytelling and determine Millennial's generation issues and frustrations, then translating it into content.

With consumer-led storytelling combined with TikTok's powerful sharing community, Bank BTN's "Berkah Ramadan BETE End" campaign was able to establish a 5% uplift in brand familiarity with a 95% confidence interval — reflecting strong and long-lasting brand awareness.

Tip #3: Follow TikTok best practices and trends

Bank BTN went beyond the conservatives way and stepped out of the box to adapt to the nature of TikTok platform for their campaign "Berkah Ramadan BETE End".

Bank BTN implemented TikTok best practices from vertical format, short-form video (1 mins) and creating humorous and entertaining content to engage and be more relatable with TikTok audience.

In addition to further drive awareness, Bank BTN activated the campaign with the power of TikTok Reach and Frequency, scheduled in sequence, targeting TikTok users aged 18-44. The success of this awareness campaign drives a long term brand impact for Bank BTN as they saw a 5x increase in Webform Submissions post-Ramadan Campaign.

TikTok is where consumers go for inspiration, activity ideas, and entertainment throughout Ramadan. Plan your Ramadan campaign strategically, from Ramadan preparation to Lebaran by building relevance with your audience through meaningful content and collaborating with TikTok Creators. Follow TikTok’s best practices and trends to achieve success in TikTok.

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