How achieved 2.3x user growth during Ramadan with TikTok

Ramadan is the key season for almost all brands. For OTAs like, this year's Ramadan was a travel recovery where the government finally allowed Ramadan homecoming (mudik). was riding on the moment through Ramadan Sponsorship #HiburanSeruRamadan. Here's how able to amplify their brand presence and drive results during Ramadan on TikTok.


TikTok Bonus Redemption

1.33 B

Hashtag Challenge Video Views


User Growth from Ramadan Period's Ramadan TikTok strategy

In 2022, TikTok users constantly come to TikTok to find Ramadan inspiration and entertainment, with 69% TikTok users look forward to celebrate Ramadan in 2023 the way they did pre-Covid. TikTok community has a greater appetite for celebration and they are all set to make the celebration big.

In the spirit of celebration and long holiday, TikTok users plan to travel more during Lebaran. 7 in 10 TikTok users planned to do face-to-face gatherings with family and friends. This is an opportune moment for brands to be discovered and memorable. Where consumers are actively seeking to be entertained and inspired with meaningful content in the upcoming Ramadan. is an Indonesia-based Online Travel Agent (OTA) and lifestyle app, took this moment to increase their brand presence and drive awareness with the fun and entertaining way of TikTok.

So how are travel brands like able to tap into this opportunity on TikTok? Here are three tips on how achieved success during Ramadan with TikTok.

Tip #1: Own your key Ramadan moment

For the first time in two years since the pandemic, the Ramadan homecoming tradition was returned given the ease of travel restrictions by the government. knew that many people were longing to go home to celebrate Lebaran with their beloved families. The brand enlivened this key moment right in the week when people were preparing for their homecoming trip by participating in TikTok #HiburanSeruRamadan sponsorship package.

The sponsorship package included seasonal features on TikTok, and a way to further amplify's own campaign "THR (Tiket Hari Raya)" with a mission of enabling people to travel again.

As TikTok is a video entertainment platform, much of the user's journey is driven by video views. As a result, the brand gained 1.3B video views throughout #HiburanSeruRamadan campaign.

Tip #2: Create entertaining TikTok-native content

Given the circumstances, wants to build entertaining conversation and meaningful messages to the right audience. In order to stay relevant in a fun way, collaborated with TikTok creators through #HiburanSeruRamadan Hashtag Challenge. With the help of creators, the brand can engage and drive participation from TikTok users. Creators also helped to convey their message "mudik dengan aman dan nyaman (travel safely and comfortably)" with various creative story telling during Ramadan from receiving THR (festive allowance), sahoor, iftar and more wrapped up in comedy, meme videos and pranks.

To further drive traffic and encourage participation, distributed travel coupons (flights, accommodations, to do) through TikTok Bonus for TikTok users, which can be used for traveling during Ramadan or for homecoming. In the end, the coupons were redeemed 100% in the first 2 days after it launched.

Tip #3: Leverage TikTok's full-funnel campaign solutions and strategy tackled the full journey from awareness to conversion (redemption) through various TikTok products and solutions. The brand leverages a full-funnel strategy by entering TikTok's sponsorship package. Starting from the In-app landing page for brand discovery, Sponsored Organic Hashtag Challenge for driving user participation, the combination of Branded KOL and unbranded KOL for engagement, and to further driving awareness and engagement, Premium Reservation Ads used to grab attention, then combined with Auction Ads and TikTok Social media push for driving awareness and engagement of TikTok user.

The overall campaign resulted in a 2.3x user growth only from TikTok. The sponsorship helped strengthen its brand presence on TikTok and convert TikTok users into consumers. This shows the full-funnel impact that TikTok can drive for your business.

Be a part of meaningful celebrations on TikTok in Ramadan, to unlock opportunities for your brand, own your Ramadan moments and inspire users on TikTok, Create entertaining TikTok native content by utilizing TikTok Creators, and leverage a full funnel strategy and measure the impact that TikTok can drive to win the hearts of you consumers.

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