About Ramadan

At the heart of Ramadan, lies a profound sense of community, reflection and celebration from the community’s point of view, all expressed heartfully and entertainingly on TikTok.

Join us celebrating Ramadan and discover how to unleash your business’s potential on TikTok during the upcoming season!


Deep dive into Ramadan with TikTok sessions and gain insights to elevate your business!

Ramadan with TikTok

Hanny Sanjaya

Growth Partnership Lead, TikTok Indonesia

It's time #ForYou to learn on how to make an excellent campaign for Ramadan. You can also dig deep into TikTok audience and users' insights to enhance your chance to optimize your campaign on Ramadan.

Play Ramadan Creatively

Eugenia Clara Fendri

Creative Strategist, TikTok Indonesia

Have you wondered how brands create your favorite content? Check out how these creative enablers inspire others through their creative process. This session also includes insights about how your business can explore, plan, diversify, and strategize their creativity to utilize the power of Ramadan with TikTok.

Ramadan with Impact

Prineza Andanarie

Client Solutions Lead, TikTok Indonesia

Is your brand Ramadan-ready? Now let's take a look at how you turn product adoption into the funnel during Ramadan and strive for the result through stages of Ramadan. Find the answers to your curiosity right here!

TikTok Works during Ramadan: Nutrifood Case

Mardi Wu

Chief Executive Officer, Nutrifood Indonesia

Behind the successful journey of Nutrifood Indonesia, TikTok has leveled up their business and campaign to another level. Mardi Wu, CEO of Nutrifood, will share the story and the key takeaways on Nutrifood succession of Ramadan to drive the community and impact.

Drive Creative Impact

Agung Trywibowo

Regional Product Marketing, TikTok APAC

TikTok Creative Exchange is a platform that connects you with the industry's best Creative Partners for the best quality of TikTok Creative. Learn how collaboration at scale between brands, agencies and partners can drive a more creative impact!

Play with Creator & CapCut

Handi Setyadi

Regional Product Marketing, TikTok APAC


TikTok Creator

Dive into the world of brand amplification as the TikTok Creator guides you through a hands-on experience in CapCut. Discover the limitless potential of your creativity with the powerful tools that the CapCut puts at your fingertips.

Navigating Brandformance

Bill Rich

Growth Partnership Manager, TikTok Indonesia

The future is here, and brandformance is one of the journeys to navigate the impact. Deep-dive on why and how full-funnel drives the actual result and how to test it through measurements.

Find Your Superpower Performance

Nia Saraswati

Client Solution Lead, TikTok Indonesia

Let's redefine the importance of data measurement, because with the great power of data connection, comes great campaigns. Through this session, we leverage TikTok's performance solutions to get more bang for your sales and have a holistic view of measurement.

Ramadan with TikTok

18 min

Play Ramadan Creatively

41 min

Ramadan with Impact

15 min

TikTok Works during Ramadan: Nutrifood Case

13 min

Drive Creative Impact

14 min

Play with Creator & CapCut

23 min

Navigating Brandformance

14 min

Find Your Superpower Performance

20 min


TikTok inspires people in Ramadan


are likely to buy something they saw on TikTok


seek for Ramadan-related inspiration content

1 in 2

planned to use TikTok more in Lebaran 2024

Source: TikTok commissioned study on behaviours during Ramadan, ID, Sep 2023


Find out how Kelaya achieves brand awareness uplift during Ramadan!


Discover Frestea's successful story in reclaiming its position in the market during Ramadan!


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