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Frestea’s: Driving New Brand Growth during Ramadan with TikTok

The timeless tradition of having something sweet for breakfast during Ramadan is deeply ingrained in Indonesian communities. Iced tea, known for its sweetness, has become popular for breaking the fast, aligning with the tradition of consuming sweet foods. Frestea seized this tradition to create an innovative campaign during Ramadan, capitalizing on the excitement of the TikTok community in Indonesia as consumers get new experiences. This campaign is part of Frestea’s strategic efforts to reclaim its market position and adapt to the evolving consumer landscape.

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Frestea's Ramadan TikTok strategy

During Ramadan 2023, the TikTok community exhibited significant activity, with 73% of its users acknowledging the platform’s content as both entertaining and trendsetting. The TikTok community were all set to make this celebratory period particularly impactful.

This excitement of Ramadan motivated 90% of TikTok users to purchase something based on the content they encountered. Frestea recognized an opportunity to attract new brand buyers. In response, they formulated an innovative and comprehensive strategy designed to penetrate the market clutter effectively and establish a distinct presence.

Frestea runs a full-funnel online-to-offline marketing campaign during Ramadan on TikTok. Frestea’s marketing strategy involves tailoring marketing messages focusing on sales and considering the entire 360-degree customer journey, attempting to nurture the relationship and build better brand experiences.

Let’s uncover the three secrets behind Frestea’s success in capturing hearts and reclaiming its position in the market on TikTok throughout Ramadan.

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