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How Kelaya Achieves Awareness
Growth During Ramadan with TikTok

Kelaya is an Indonesian hair care brand that focuses on hair loss shampoo. During Ramadan, there is an increase in sales in Indonesia, mainly due to the holiday bonuses (Holiday Allowance) and preparations for festive moments. With the surge in sales, Kelaya is tapping into launching its products during Ramadan, which has become a significant momentum for the people of Indonesia.

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Kelaya's Ramadan
TikTok strategy

In 2023, many TikTok users sought inspiration from Ramadan, and 42% of the TikTok community was keen to spend more time on beauty and personal care. Also, 90% of TikTok users were likely to purchase influenced by content encountered during Ramadan.

By seeing this significant number of TikTok users who want to purchase, Kelaya tried to align its brand with the festive moment of Ramadan and wants to amplify its brand awareness, particularly by focusing on its brand recall and awareness through TikTok.

Recognizing the unique nature of TikTok, Kelaya strategically tailors its approach to engage a broader audience authentically, seamlessly adapting to the platform’s dynamic style. This is an opportune moment for brands to be discovered and memorable. Where consumers are actively seeking to be entertained and inspired with meaningful content in the upcoming Ramadan.

In exploring Kelaya’s success on TikTok during Ramadan, we delve into three key strategies to tap into this moment and effectively captivate the audience. Let’s unravel the steps taken by Kelaya to achieve tangible success on TikTok.

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